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Every summer at Camas Meadows Bible Camp the lives of many young people are changed for eternity. At the center of this ministry is a team of volunteers. Crazy, compassionate, and Christ-focused people known as the Camas Meadows Summer Staff. The staff of CMBC is both a team and a family who are committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with young people in a fun and sincere way. They are an important part of fulfilling our goal to share the love and truth of Jesus through caring relationships, biblical teaching, and shared experiences.

Do you want to have fun, build close friendships, and share your faith in Jesus Christ? Do you want to make an eternal difference this summer in the lives of children? If you want to serve God at a fun and beautiful camp where your own life will be transformed, consider volunteering as a part of the Camas Meadows Bible Camp team this summer.  Staff Training is Tuesday June 18th through Sunday June 23rd!


Thank you for your interest in counseling at Camas Meadows Bible Camp. Since counselors have an enormous impact on the lives of the children who come to summer camp we must ensure that the individuals selected are prepared for the spiritual, physical, and emotional responsibilities of counseling. The following is an overview of this ministry so you can see if this is a good fit for you.

Camas Meadows Bible Camp is…

A Christ-Centered Ministry – Our purpose is to know God and make Him known to the campers He brings us. It is essential, therefore, that our staff have a solid, growing relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and a desire to share His love and truth with others.

A Relational Ministry – Following Jesus means loving one another. We want to build healthy relationships – with campers, with other staff, and with God. These relationships are the most important part of camp and will be what campers remember most.

A Ministry Team – Running a summer camp requires a lot of people in many different positions to be in constant interaction. A unified ministry team is essential for a successful summer camp.

A Servant Ministry – Servant leadership is the example left by Jesus for us to follow in his footsteps. The humility to serve and put the needs of others before your own is one of the most important qualifications of a counselor.

A Youth Ministry – The camp serves and reaches out to young people ages 9 to 17. A love for and compatibility with children/youth is expected.

An Outdoor Ministry – Much of the camp program involves outdoor recreation and activity. Participation in the outdoors is required and may involve getting wet, dirty, and/or sweaty.

A Volunteer Ministry – We work to keep summer camp affordable enough for families to send their children. This means our staff positions are unpaid and much is asked of you for no earthly compensation.

Application Instructions

Applying to Camas Meadows Bible Camp consists of three parts: The Application, Preparations, and References. Use this checklist to ensure that you complete all application requirements. You may also print this checklist here: Application Checklist

The Application
Due May 15, 2019

  • Please complete in its entirety THE APPLICATION We use this document to get to know who you are and understand where you are at in your faith. We ask that you be honest and transparent while answering each question. This application will be kept confidential. If you have any questions, or need clarification on a question, please feel free to contact us at (509) 548-6553 or (509) 670-4675.
  • Bible Study – Understanding and applying the Bible to your life and ministry is an essential part of being a Christian camp counselor. This portion requires you to interact with the word of God. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in truth as you study the Bible. This should be a challenge and a blessing to you. We hope that through it you will learn more about yourself and God and grow closer to Him. This is a section of THE APPLICATION
    • Returning staff: Do a study of the book of Philippians and answer these questions:
      • Observation – What does it say? Read this short book several times and record your observations.
      • Interpretation – What does it mean? Tell in your own words what you think God is trying to communicate through this book.
      • Application – What does it mean for me? Describe how this book affects your life and particularly how it applies to counseling at camp.
    • First Year Staff:  Do a study of Camas’ Statement of Faith, (it can be found here) and follow these instructions:
      • For each point in the statement of faith, look up at least 3 scriptures that support that belief. Some points may require more scriptures since they have multiple parts.

Pre-Camp Prep
Due June 18th, 2019 (The first day of Staff Training)

  • In the Bible, read the books of Mark and Philippians.
  • First year staff also read: More Than a Carpenter, by Josh McDowell. If you have trouble getting this book, you can get a copy from Camas.
  • Memorize:
    • Mark 10:45
    • Romans 5:8
    • Philippians 2:1-5
    • Colossians 1:13
    • 1 John 3:23
  • Volunteer a few hours to help one of the following*:
    • Children, old folks/widows, refugees, or the poor.
    • Write a short page about your experience.

*The intent here is not to check something off a list, but to take time out of your life to practice sacrificial love.


On THE APPLICATION, please fill out the contact information for people that you know well. For the pastoral reference you may provide the contact information of your pastor, youth pastor, or Christian mentor, essentially someone that you see regularly who can attest to your spiritual life and growth.

For your parental reference, we would like you to provide the contact information of one of your parents. If this is not possible, or they cannot provide truthful information about your life and behavior, an adult or mentor will work.

If you have any questions or concerns about your references, or accidentally submit your application with an error in the contact information you provided, feel free to contact us at (509) 548-6553.

Additional Information

The cost for staff training $150 [minus $20 per year of experience as Camas Staff] Please submit a $20 deposit by May 15th, 2018 HERE.

**Please contact us at 509-548-6553 if you need help meeting the financial requirements. We will ensure that everyone who wants to serve has that opportunity.**

As a summer camp counselor, you will be responsible for the care, safety, and spiritual encouragement of the young people in your cabin. It will be fun, exciting, and rewarding. It will also require devotion, sacrifice, and perseverance.

If you are interested in serving in a non-counseling role (washing dishes, cleaning, cooking, program, etc…) please view out support staff page for further information and how to be a part of this  essential role at Camas.



Staff Application Checklist

Camas’ Statement of Faith

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