Next CamasCon: April 17-20, 2020

Join us for a weekend of gaming, fellowship and spiritual encouragement at the Spring CamasCon. Chris “Van Helsing” Weedin, of Crucifiction Games returns as our retreat speaker.

There will be also options for RPG sessions, a MtG Cube Draft, and some beautiful Autumn weather for those who venture outside. We welcome you to join us around the table for games, food & fellowship!

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CamasCon—Connecting with games, other gamers and with God.
Camas Meadows hosts four gaming retreats each year: usually in early November, late March/early April, late July and early September. CamasCon is a full weekend of playing games, meeting other gamers, and an opportunity for spiritual growth & renewal. Check out the latest game releases or enjoy a classic design with friends, new or old. If you have an interest in board gaming, in following Jesus Christ, or both, we invite you to a weekend of great food, fellowship and friendly competition at CamasCon.
Camas Meadows Bible Camp is a non-profit, non-denominational organization located in the beautiful Cascade Mountains. The log-cabin lodge is a comfortable place to learn, teach and play games, and the atmosphere is fun, friendly and welcoming to all gamers.

Register Online for CamasCon

What to expect at CamasCon:

  • Playing games. Teaching and learning games, new and old.
  • Chapel sessions with a guest speaker.
  • Outdoor activities, such as hiking or paintball, may be available (weather permitting).

Retreat Cost: (includes lodging, meals & snacks)

    • Weekend Registration: $125 per person
    • Extra Days (Thursday / Monday) : $25 per day
    • Saturday only: $75 per person
      Meals provided: Friday dinner through Sunday lunch (extended weekends include meals Thursday & Monday)
    • Chilcare (Summer CamasCon only): $50 per child

For additional Information call Daryl “Scruffy” Wilks at  509-548-6553.

Coming Up… 

Next Spring CamasCon Retreat: April 16-20, 2020

Join us for a weekend of gaming, fellowship and spiritual encouragement at the Spring CamasCon. Chris “Van Helsing” Weedin, of Crucifiction Games returns as our retreat speaker.

Next Summer CamasCon Retreat: July 24-26, 2020

In 2020, Camas Meadows will be hosting our sixth Summer CamasCon. The summer retreat is our “Family” CamasCon that welcomes families with young children to join us for a weekend of gaming and fellowship. We will provide childcare for young children (out of diapers) for $50/child.

Next Adults CamasCon Retreat: September 10-14, 2020

Our second “Adults” CamasCon for gamers ages 18+, this is a quieter, casual weekend of gaming and fellowship. The autumn weather allows for outdoor activities that may not be available during the spring & fall retreats.

Next Fall CamasCon: 5-9, 2020

Camas Meadows Bible Camp is hosting its 14th Fall CamasCon retreat for board gamers to connect with one another and with God. We are excited to have Chris Gwaltney of the Love Thy Nerd network is returning as retreat speaker.

The fall retreat features a Catan Tournament with prizes, a game raffle that raises money for the Hands & Feet Project and the great food and friendly atmosphere that characterizes this weekend.








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settlers1 fall09

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shogun1 fall09

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Summer CamasCon, July 26-28, 2019
First “Family” CamasCon!

Spring CamasCon, April 11-15, 2019

Fall CamasCon, November 1 – 5, 2018

Summer CamasCon: July 27-29

Spring CamasCon, March 22-26, 2018

Fall CamasCon, November 2 – 6, 2017

Summer CamasCon, July 28-30, 2017

This was a small, but fun weekend of gaming that brought in some new people to the CamasCon experience. Tim “Keebler” Whitney challenged and encouraged us during to avoid idols, including gaming ones, and to reach out to others through our gaming.

Spring CamasCon, March 23-27, 2017

Our second extended length retreat was our largest CamasCon yet, with 57 people coming for at least part of the weekend. The speaker, Chris “Van Helsing” Weedin brought incredibly relevant and meaningful teaching. Another RPG session run by the Fishers was a hit. And the gaming food & fellowship was great, as always.

Fall CamasCon, November 3-7, 2016

What a great weekend of gaming and fellowship! We had 54 attendees, some of whom took advantage of the extra days Thursday and Monday. Rob Anderson taught on the image of Christ, peace and peacemaking. We were blown away by the generosity of our guests as the game raffle raised over $800 to split between the Camper Scholarship fund and the Hands and Feet Children’s home in Haiti.

Popular games for the weekend included Scythe, Cry Havok, Clank! , and Gold West. Several excellent RPG sessions were prepared and lead by Michael & Kaely Fisher. The longer weekend plus daylight savings allowed more time for conversing, beautiful autumn hikes and, of course, extra games.  Steven Whitham reclaimed his Catan Champion title for the 5th time:

2016 Settlers of Catan Tournament Results:
1 – Steven Whitham
2 – Clint Griffith
3 (tie) – Sheldon Louthan & Nathaniel Haskin