Fix the Bears stairs

Last winter we had over a week of below zero weather. That extreme cold cause the frost level to sink down into moisture underneath the Bears stairs addition and heaved up the ground. It lifted the porch up several inches and caused some roof damage, as well as cracking the cement walkway. It was secured once things warmed up to be safe to use, but if something isn’t done it could happen again.

We need to fix the roof and pour new footings that go deeper. That means some fancy construction work and lots of digging. Also we’ll need to buy cement for the footings.

Along with the structure issues, a pipe next to the stairs is leaking, which very well may have been part of the issue. We’ll need to dig it up and stop the leak, one way or another. It may need a new frost free spigot.

If you’d like to help contact us!

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Always Something
In addition to the things listed, we are always doing cleaning, fixing and making. If you'd like to help with something like that just ask.